Free Martial Arts Lessons for Kids and Families
Martial Arts Lessons for Children, Families, and Adults in Champlin, MN and Surrounding Communities
 Martial Arts for Children
Parents all over Champlin Minnesota,
Brooklyn Park Minnesota, Anoka
Minnesota, Oseeo Minnesota, Maple
Grove Minnesota and Broolyn Center
Minnesota are raving about how much
their children have gained from the
Legacy Martial Arts Karate for Kids
program. Our one of a kind character
building programs help children
become more confident, focused, raise
their self-esteem, and improve grades.
The American Taekwondo Association
provides these life changing programs
benefiting children all over the United
 Martial Arts for the Family
There aren't many programs both
parents and children can benefit from,
not to mention to participate in
together. Well, our specialized martial
arts program can help your child build
their confidence, develop a winning
positive attitude, and learn real life
leadership skills, but can ALSO help
you lose weight, regain your "beach
body", increase your flexibility and feel
10 years younger.
 Martial Arts for Women
Would you like to get "High School"
Skinny once again? Bored with the
"Gym" and want to get in great shape
while learning to defend yourself and
your family in any possible situation?
Well, if you live in or near Champlin,
Brooklyn Park, Anoka, Brooklyn Center,
Osseo or Maple Grove, Legacy Martial
Art's program is the solution. No more
tread mill "drudgery" or dealing with
"Muscle Heads" grunting at you as you
walk by. This is a FAMILY place with a
team of professionals to help you
reach your fitness and weight loss
 Martial Arts for Men
We live in a dangerous world. Crime is
on the rise, home invasions are
commonplace, and our streets are
increasingly scary. Why not empower
yourself with the "battle tested"
system to protect your family, and get
in amazing shape at the same time.
Legacy Martial Art's adult martial arts
programs in Champlin, Brooklyn Park,
Anoka, Osseo, Brooklyn Center, and
Maple Grove Minnesota will do just
that. Men all over the world are
learning the 2000 year old secrets to
instantly disable any attacker,
regardless of size, training, cunning or